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A Summer of LUV

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Upon starting my Internship at the famous Southwest Airlines, I had heard many rumors as to what to expect. Stories involving outrageous Employee skits, one-of-a-kind Leadership, and above all, outstanding Employee morale resonated as I walked into Headquarters for my first day.

First-day predictions always seem to fail me, and my first day at Southwest was no different. Often Internships involve making copies, sending faxes, and refilling the coffee mugs. But at Southwest, these predictions could not have proved more inadequate. Instead, I found myself immediately engulfed with nothing less than genuine hospitality. Southwest Employees have a reputation for interacting more as family members than as Coworkers. I did not expect, however, to feel immediately welcomed and included as a member of this family. In other words, even though I am over 600 miles away from my own family, I feel right at home at Southwest Airlines.

While specific assignments and projects are still to be determined, I know with confidence that I am welcomed here. The genuine, spirited people I’ve met so far are not only welcoming, but inspiring. From giving back to their communities, to contributing to Southwest’s bottom line, I know I have much to learn from my accomplished Coworkers. I’m excited to begin making my own impact here, but even more, I am excited to join the efforts of a group of hardworking people from whom I feel nothing but LUV. And I know that wherever my adventures may take me this summer, I will always have a family to come home to at Southwest, welcoming me with open arms. So, without further delay, I’m grabbing my bags. It’s on!

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I'm so happy you're having a great experience as an intern! Southwest is an amazing company!