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Behind-the-Scenes with Our Feathered Frequent Flyers!

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As you’ll see in the video, SeaWorld’s Pete and Penny Penguin are treated like rock stars when it comes to traveling with Southwest Airlines.  The penguins and the SeaWorld aviculturists are frequent flyers and travel all over the country to visit schools, make TV appearances, and get people excited about wildlife in wild places—they even take the time to greet Southwest Employees and Customers during their travels!
Pete and Penny

Because our Customers LUV these Frequent Flyers so much, SeaWorld granted us a closer look at what goes into preparing Pete and Penny for their travels.  We also followed along on their trip from SeaWorld San Diego to Denver, Colorado where they helped celebrate our recent Inflight and Flight Operations Base Openings with Local Southwest Employees.

SeaWorld’s Pete and Penny Penguin are always a favorite amongst our Employees and Customers.  We hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes view!  If you want to see Pete and Penny Penguin, visit SeaWorld San Diego.  They’d love to have you!  And Pete and Penny may even see you on their next Southwest flight!

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