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Best checked luggage policy? Hands down, it’s Southwest Airlines

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Airline luggage has been making headlines recently, whether it’s US Airways’ controversial decision to add a $5 convenience fee to some checked bags or Alaska Air’s luggage fee/guarantee. But which airline has the most customer-friendly policy when it comes to checked luggage?

If you said “Southwest Airlines,” you’re right.

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I love flying southwest, love it! I am a waterskier, and no matter what, I have two bags. Southwest is the only airline where I can still check two bags without and enormous fee. I also love that I can change my flight easily online, and without a change fee. It makes a huge difference for me, and my constantly changing schedule. The low prices keep me on the move and affordable for me to be all the places I need to ski. I really appreciate Southwest's friendly service, low fares, great baggage policy, easy online system. I will continue to fly on Southwest and tell everyone I know how much I appreciate SW's awesome service. Thanks so much, you make work and play possible for me! - Waterski Girl
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I fly SWA exclusively within the USA due to two things: 1. No checked bag fee (for 1st two) and 2. No change of schedule fees. The "no bag fee" is important to me, but not necessarily because of the fee. Actually, it's because of the "cabin rage" I've seen on carriers with the fee. I fly PHL-SLC-PHL constantly. I used to use the "other carrier" but go sick and tired of the "steamer trunks" being hauled aboard "disguised" as backpacks. If you weren't in the first three or four "boarding zones", you faced the prospect of "gate checking" you bags. Not good. The breaking point occurred at Xmas one year when the "other carrier" allowed (4) folks to carry on guitars (each one filled an entire overhead bin). That was it. As Roberto Duran said, "No mas". As for the "no change fee", the "other carrier" insisted on charging me and my wife $100/ea to change a flight due to an emergency operation my wife needed. The fact that my wife was in danger meant nothing to them. Now they mean nothing to me.