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Democratizing the Skies Once Again with Destination 225°

New Arrival


It’s a point of pride at Southwest Airlines that for nearly five decades, we’ve democratized the skies, making air travel affordable and not nickel and diming our Customers. Today, we’re democratizing the skies in a new way—launching an exciting career program called Destination 225°, which provides pathways to becoming a competitively qualified candidate for future Southwest First Officer positions. On a compass rose, 225° is the southwest directional heading; therefore, Destination 225° was developed to lead aspiring pilots to Southwest. Could that be you?


Destination 225° provides several pathways designed to meet future pilots where they are and create opportunities to take them to the right seat of a Southwest aircraft. We’re bringing qualified Pilots to Southwest directly, in lieu of routing candidates through regional carriers. Our program is designed to develop highly talented pilots with the experience and competency-based training necessary to be successful as a First Officer, and providing a direct path to a Southwest jet.


Be sure to ask that friend or family member (or is it you?!) who’s always had their head in the clouds: “Where is your navigation leading you?”


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