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Duck Derby

New Arrival

We just had our first annual Duck Derby on the Lazy River at Sea World in San Antonio.

Each of the 5000 ducks represents a current Employee who wrote a Welcome Note to one of our New Hires. It's all part of helping these new folks "get their feet wet."

Believe it our not, one of the little guys managed to get a huge lead on all the rest ... but the people who "owned" the top 25 ducks received prizes.

For more information about the Duck Derby, see Steve Heaser's blog and podcast.


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i really want to work for southwest now! what a unique, amazing company
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Hi Jenny and Andy (and Brenden): Thanks for the Show!!!! What an interesting, imaginative, and creative project. Congratulations, Jenny, on an outstanding project.....Love, GM and GD
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How do I get my hands on one of those AWESOME ducks!!!! Please contact me !