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Going Green: Customer Relations Reps Go Green Off the Clock!

aeliasen Employee
Southwest Airlines Employees aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, especially when it comes to volunteer clean-up projects in the cities in which we work and serve. This hold true for a group of Customer Relations Employees—Francheska Gomez, Dianna Haun, Alex Bagnall, Kim Seale, Jack Turlington, Cyrus McVey, and project organizer, Gary Reyes—who spent their day off last Saturday to clean up a drainage ditch in front of the Training and Operation Support building at Headquarters. green1Gary put in a great deal of planning for the project to ensure that the clean-up would go smoothly.  Although the waterway runs along the south side of the Southwest building, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers actually owns it, so Gary worked with a variety of departments to obtain approval to host the clean-up event.  Gary even went as far as to purchase tools, gloves, and trash bags for the project with his own money.  The group spent the day cleaning up the waterway and the banks on either side. “This type of Servant’s Heart is very consistent for Gary, and is indicative of the sense of social responsibility he brings to his job green2at Southwest,” said project volunteer and Customer Relations Representative Kim Seale.  “We are fortunate to have him at SWA and as an integral part of our CR Family.”  Thanks to Gary and his Team of volunteers for showing your Servant’s Hearts! You, too, can get involved with volunteer clean-up events across the country.  Southwest Airlines is a proud partner of the Student Conservation Association, so be sure to check out their web site for upcoming projects. What are some ways that you get involved in your community’s clean-up efforts?  Let us know by commenting below.