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Happy National Twin Day from a few of our Southwest Airlines 2018 Summer Interns

dsanders1 Employee

On the first day of Intern Orientation, I sat next to a fellow Intern with my same last name. After discovering our shared surname, I joked with him that while I already have a twin sister, he could be our triplet. “Actually,” he responded, “I am a triplet.”


With it being National Twin Day today, it seems fitting to acknowledge this unique trend among our Intern class. Below is a quick look at some of the summer 2018 Interns with their multiples. While our siblings aren’t interning with us, all of the Interns have become a Family.


1.jpgAlyssa (right) and twin sister, Leah, (left) in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  Alyssa Comins, External Communication Intern – Communication & Outreach

  • Twin sister: Leah
  • Age difference: 20 minutes apart
  • Favorite part of having a twin: “Having a built-in best friend. Although, having two closets worth of clothes is a good perk, as well.”
  • Fun fact: “Leah and I are both involved in the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapters at our schools. Next year, we will both serve as chapter presidents. It has been fun to meet up in random cities for PRSSA conferences and events, since we’ve been apart at our respective colleges.”


2.pngDelaney (right) and twin sister, Devon, (left) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Delaney Sanders, Operational Communication Intern – Communication & Outreach

  • Twin sister: Devon
  • Age difference: Seven minutes apart
  • Favorite memory with your twin: “Surprising her at an LSU football game, where she attends school. I had her roommate film it, but we both cried so much that it was inaudible.”
  • Fun fact: “My dad taught us a trick when we were younger to make people think we can read each other’s mind. To this day, it works every time.”


3.jpgIsabel (left) and twin sister, Irene, (right) in Detroit, Michigan.

Isabel Lien, Visual Communication Intern – Communication & Outreach

  • Twin sister: Irene
  • Age difference: Eight minutes apart
  • Thoughts on twin telepathy: “Well, of course we can read each other’s mind. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.”
  • Fun fact: “I have two older sisters (not including Irene), and it’s funny because we’re each following in one of their footsteps. Irene is going to medical school like the second oldest, Joan, and I’m a designer like the oldest sister, Jane.”


4.jpgKatherine (left) and twin brother, Matthew, (right) at Chimney Rock State Park, North Carolina.

Katherine Minarik, Aviation Technical Writing Intern – Technical Operations

  • Twin brother: Michael
  • Age difference: Two minutes apart
  • Favorite memory with your twin: “Growing up, my brother and I spent a lot of time outside. We lived in a very rural area with lots of farm land, so we spent a significant amount of time exploring and looking for cool things.”
  • Fun fact: “When we were babies, I learned to talk first and would always talk for Michael … so much so that he didn’t learn how to talk for a very long time.”


5.jpgAlexander (left) and twin sister, Mikki, (right) in Florence, Italy.

Alexander Minton, Communications Measurement & Analytics Intern – Communication & Outreach

  • Twin sister: Mikki
  • Age difference: Two minutes apart
  • Family history of multiples: “Multiples surprisingly do not run in my family, so we must have been the ‘unicorns’ of the bunch.”
  • Fun fact: “The best part about being a twin is having someone to go through life with me at the same time, and learning from each other’s achievements and mistakes.”


6.jpgKatie, his sister, (left), Mitchell (center), and Christi, his other sister, (right) in Boulder, Colorado.

Mitchell Sanders, Maintenance and Aircraft Performance Engineering Intern – Technical Operations

  • Triplet sisters: Katie and Christie
  • Age difference: One minute older than Katie, six minutes older than Christie
  • Collegiate destinations: “I attend Georgia Tech University in Atlanta. Katie attends John Hopkins University in Baltimore, , and Christie attends Vanderbilt University in Nashville.”
  • Fun fact: “One time, we sang acapella together for a talent show at a summer camp. I think we were 10. I remember really not wanting to do it, but my sisters convinced me, and it was fun.”

 7.jpgCorey (left) and his twin brother, Andrew, (right) in Dallas, Texas.

Corey Fuller, Labor Relations Analytics Intern – Labor Relations

  • Twin brother: Andrew
  • Age difference: One minute apart
  • Thoughts on twin telepathy: “No, we can’t read each other’s minds, but sometimes when we get asked a question, we’ll say the same thing at the same time, which freaks people out.”
  • Fun fact: “The best part of being a twin is having a built-in best friend to experience everything with.”