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Help Reach out Through American Red Cross Donations


The attention and compassion of many around the globe have been focused on the heart wrenching natural disasters and resulting effects that have taken place in Japan.  Additionally, closer to home, some of our Customers and Employees were affected by the grass fires that have been sweeping through Oklahoma and North Texas.  As a Company, Southwest Airlines stands for helping communities prepare for disaster, but we also commit to providing comfort and aid when these tragedies strike. 


Southwest is a proud sponsor of the American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program, which means we support the Red Cross with an annual commitment of cash and tickets that can be used not only to prepare for such tragedies, but also so that there is no delay in the Red Cross’ ability to support recovery.  Due to the large scale of the disaster in Japan, the American Red Cross has stepped in to support the Japanese Red Cross.  Through our sponsorship, Southwest’s resources have already gone to work to help!


As we find in most disasters of this scale, the current and immediate need is for cash which will enable agencies responding to the disaster.  Therefore, we have provided a link to Southwest’s own web site for anyone wishing to make a donation to American Red Cross at  This site is for Southwest Employees, as well as Family, Friends, and Customers.  You may select whether you would like your contribution to be directed towards International Disaster Relief (for efforts supporting Japan), or response efforts here in the states (like the Oklahoma wildfires). 


For a complete list of established charities responding to the crisis in Japan, you may visit for contact and donation information.  We always recommend researching any organization before making a financial contribution of any kind. You can also send a text message to make a donation to several difference charities that will appear on your mobile phone bill, please check with your individual provider for more details.


If you have a request for travel or other disaster related assistance, please visit and select Disaster Preparedness and Response as organization type.

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I love being part of a Company that gives back and participates in relief efforts. Thanks for organizing this Megan and team! Christi