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Southwest Airlines Community

It Always Comes From the Heart


We may be an airline, but we do some of our best work on the ground.  That’s the theme of the new Southwest ad campaign you may have seen while watching the NFL over the holidays!  These new spots celebrated Southwest Employees and highlighted how we give back and make a positive difference in the communities we serve.  Like the holiday season, the ads on TV have come and gone, but we liked them so much we’ve compiled the best highlights in this video for you to enjoy.

Southwest Airlines is dedicated to the communities we serve—whether our Pilots are in 5th grade classrooms using their time off the clock to educate students and plan for future success through our Adopt-A-Pilot program, or Employees in our Network Planning Department are rolling up their sleeves to plant a community garden, or our Employees are serving on local boards and Chambers.  Wherever our Employees are giving back, it always comes from the heart.

This video illustrates what giving back means to Southwest and all the many ways we care about our Employees, our Customers, and our Communities where we live and work. Southwest is a Company who cares, and we give back in a variety of ways. No matter how or where we are serving, one thing remains the same- it always comes from the heart.