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Bill Employee

Good HOT morning, everyone!  Today we're putting our January and February, 2011 schedules out for sale.  There are LOTS of changes but they're mostly subtle, soft and subdued....kind of like the sound of a snowfall.  So get your "zen" on and let's dive in!

So what's *NOT* in these schedules?  New cities, for starters.  No, we're not announcing the introduction of our South Carolina service....not yet!  (Patience, young grasshoppers!  Snatch the new city from my hand....)  What *is* in this schedule is a shuffling of frequencies that reflects the seasonal traffic ebb and flow.  Once again, we're publishing different schedules for January and February--meaning that they're optimized separately, so you'll see a lot of departure time changes between the two.

As for specifics, effective January 9th, we're eliminating (only!) one market--our nonstop Kansas City-Seattle service (although in all likelihood it will return in Summer 2011). On the "Up" side, starting on February 13th, we're bringing back nonstop Islip-Ft. Myers flights, as well as adding new, nonstop Nashville-Ft. Myers service!  MANY markets have frequency changes.  Details are in the attached .PDF file.

On a more macro, departure-city level, the changes are fairly minor.  Comparing our November schedule to February, PHX is the largest gainer, picking up 10 departures per day, bringing Sky Harbor back up to 183 weekday departures. At the number two gainer spot, adding eight weekday departures is Orlando, former home of McCoy Air Force Base (hence its airport code MCO).  And retaining the "top dog" title as the busiest SWA Station remains La$ Vega$ with 213 weekday departures.

So for now, sit back, chill, peruse our shiny new Winter 2011 Schedule, and book something! 

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Any plans to resume the non-stop service from IAD to MCO and/or TPA any time soon?
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PVD-CLE please!
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I am planning on flying into Charleston SC in Jan 2011 for a cruise. Will you be announcing your service within the next 6 weeks or so? I would hate to pay too much and find out your schedule after the fact. Kelly
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rumor has it that Portland Maine is building a 4 gate extension specifically for Southwest. When are you announcing that service?
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MHT-STL 3 flights a day would be wonderful! Jetblue IS coming to Manchester (MHT) start beefing up your service now!
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Please add STL-MHT .......... Can't stand flying into Boston! Did it once and WILL NEVER do it again. Thank you, Bill
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We find the Nashville-Seattle and Nashville-Oakland nonstop serivice especially welcome and a huge time saver. I have never understood why both markets are seasonal service only. Each trip I've made on these trips have always been totally full. Please make Seattle & Oakland to Nashville nonstop year-round.
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Southwest should have invested more into building up Kansas City and less into pouring money into the bottomless pit of Denver.
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First....THANK YOU for RSW!!! It has been a blessing to connect to in MCO rather than ATL for the last few years but nonstop is a godsend and that is an annual trip. Then I'd like to request BNA-ATL, CLT, BOS. Also, will Oakland and Seattle be back next summer?
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Also, BNA-MSP, IND, CVG, PIT would make for some good florida feeders. We would be a straighter shot for them than Baltimore.
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Bill, I'm glad to see PHX gain some service frequencies after a little bit of trimming over the last couple years. Are we getting closer to the day that you have special schedules for market specific holiday periods? The schedule has been open for fewer than 24 hours and a couple flights ISP-FLL and ISP-MCO have already completely sold out around President's Day week, probably all at full fares. So the revenue from extra sections from the northeast to Florida around that timeframe would be impressive. Thanks as always for your posts.
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Is there a planned date to open sales for flights in April 2011? If so, when?
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I agree MHT-STL would be a hit with me also!!!
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Please add Denver to Manchester NH. Thank you. Ryan
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The loss of IAD-MCO non-stops is tragic. Who is realistically going to connect via MDW and add 4+ hours to the travel time? For now I"m going to BWI due to double RR (is this intentional?!) but looking to switch my allegiance to JetBlue come wintertime. I've been communting on Southwest from MCO to IAD since the IAD operation's time to stop treating IAD like a boutique operation and expand service there. Half the people in DC Metro are closer to IAD than BWI.
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It is my understanding that you will be adding direct flights from Pheonix to Miami each day.
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My question is about Charleston. I'm eager to take a SC Hilton Head vacation with my two award tix. When will the first flights take off and will there be an MCI CHL nonstop. Please keep on flying
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Love the SEA - BNA nonstop flight allowing for a quick connection to Florida. Also please keep the BNA - OAK nonstops going year round...the fastest way to the Bay Area for sure. We luv SWA.
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Normally you provide a summary of frequency changes by city pair. Can you provide a linkpdf document summarizing all of your schedule changes?
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Mijano - We currently plan to extend our schedule into April on October 5, although that date is always subject to change. You can always view the next schedule extension date at Brian Raymond Callahan - We begin nonstop service between Phoenix and Fort Lauderdale (Miami area) on November 7, 2010. Rob F. - Bill placed the pdf document in the "attachments" area at the bottom of his post. Dan SWA Network Planning
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Would love to see Charleston SC and Nashville BNA nonstop service There seems to be a lot of traffic from Nashville to Charleston, Savannah and Hilton Head......We hate going via ATL. Please help SWA!
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When are you going to link Nashville with business destinations like Atlanta, Charlotte, Boston, New York, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, or Minneapolis? I'm glad for the new Florida cities but what about the business travelers?