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Meet Our October Star: Aircraft Appearance Technician Delores Narancich

dsanders1 Employee

“I think of my department like a wheel—each person is a spoke. Without each other, we can’t make it work.” —Delores Narancich, Aircraft Appearance Technician

Cropped_DeloresNarancich_057.jpgPhoto by Kevin Penczak

Since joining Southwest in 2004, Delores Narancich has become known for extending a helping hand and constantly striving for excellence. She works as an Aircraft Appearance Technician in Chicago (Midway), and although her Team, which operates within Technical Operations, is a smaller one, she goes above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of those around her. Although she’s a self-proclaimed “girly girl,” Delores is always willing to get her hands dirty at work, all the while staying positive and keeping a smile on her face. Delores embodies what it means to have both a Servant’s Heart and a Fun-LUVing Attitude, and we’re proud to have her as a member of the Southwest Family.


—Delaney Sanders, Communications & Outreach


Call In “When a friend was doing a Southwest phone interview, I shouted, ‘I want to work at Southwest too!’ The next thing I know, I’m filling out an application. A few interviews later, I got the job!”


Sense of Pride “What I enjoy most is making a plane look good. I like looking back at the end of the day and knowing I improved it.”


On the Job “We do more than clean the plane. We do security sweeps, carpeting changes, and leather installation. We work hand-in-hand with the Mechanics.”