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Meet our July A-Lister: John Crist, Comedian

AdamH Employee

“Flying Southwest® makes me feel like I’ve got someone in my corner.”

—John Crist, Comedian


20190516_crist_0017.jpgPhoto by John Schweikert

Being a comic in the digital age involves managing your presence in two places: onstage and online. A-Lister John Crist makes a living telling jokes to sold-out crowds around the country, but in between shows, he caters to a different audience—his social media followers. He often pokes fun at the desire to showcase only the best parts of our lives on social media and finds humor in the moments that go undocumented. John emphasizes the importance of authenticity and says his vulnerability has helped him grow in his career. While some performers may be inclined to delete content that doesn’t receive the reaction they’d hoped for, John says he’ll never delete a tweet—even if it gets a sassy response from @SouthwestAir.


—Adam Hernandez, Communications & Outreach


Sister Act “The Companion Pass saved my life. My sister is my manager and flies to all my gigs with me for free.”


Up Next “I’m working on a book with my team that gives advice about looking good on the internet. The plan is to release it next year.”


Game Plan “I can check my bag of clubs for free when I fly, so I try to play a round of golf in every city I visit.”


Saved by Southwest “I once left my laptop at the airport, and all my material was saved on there. A Southwest Employee found it, and I swore that I’d never say anything bad about Southwest.”

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Retired Community Manager

Love some John Crist! Great piece, @AdamH!