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Our July Star: Quality Control Field Service Supervisor Moises "Gonzo" Gonzales

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Gonzo_BrandonHill-500x724.jpg“This is the type of Company you want to give your time and talent to.” - Moises “Gonzo” Gonzales, Quality Control Field Service Supervisor

His full name is Moises Gonzales, but to most he’s just “Gonzo.” It’s this easygoing personality that makes him the perfect fit as a Quality Control Field Service Supervisor for Southwest Airlines. Gonzo’s job requires an office on-site at Aviation Technical Services, Southwest’s heavy maintenance provider, and his approachability helps maintain an open dialogue with the Everett, Washington–based company. Although Gonzo is usually laid back, the opposite is true when it comes to ensuring all maintenance performed on Southwest’s aircraft meets our high standards. A 25-year Employee, Gonzo embodies the Southwest way. —Casey Dunn, Communication & Outreach


In Good Hands “I oversee the job and the vendor, but I still crawl around in every compartment and cargo bin to make sure every aircraft is safe.”


Common Ground “The door to my office is always open. From the CEO to the person who cleans the floor, everyone gets the same level of respect.”


Brave Face “When I started, I was afraid to make a decision on my own out
in the field, but my Leaders told me, ‘Learn to be yourself and don’t be afraid to make
a decision.’”


Photo by Brandon Hill