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SWA Stew: Episode 24


We're not saving the world in Jack Bauer-like fashion, but this week's episode of the SWA Stew does highlight some Southwest social good (it's the most viewed post, in fact). 
We also talked about Christi's cat, who is also named Jack Bauer (see picture).
Jack Bauer the Cat
On this week's Stew, drink coupons came back for another run.  Christi wrote a great post explaining the changes.
We're celebrating Hispanic Heritage month here at Southwest.  Do you know when Hispanic Heritage month runs? If you said September, you're right.  If you said October, guess what?  You're right again! Hispanic Heritage month actually runs from mid-September through mid-October. Olga wrote a post about how you can celebrate with us!
Our latest installment of the One Report series comes in at the third most-viewed post. It's all about how Southwest helps our planet.
Flashback Fridays made a rousing return to the Top 5 at numero dos.
And number one, as I mentioned earlier, highlights how Southwest helps save lives: by providing transportation to those who need it through our Medical Transportation Grant Program.
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What's the problem with people of the same sex kissing on flight? Is there something wrong with this?