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Southwest Airlines Lands in Milwaukee

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Southwest Airlines has landed in its 68th city: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Grab Your Bag, It's On!
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A great day for Milwaukee. When Southwest enters a market they really know how to introduce themselves to the metro area. My impression of Southwest is that they are a very professional airline with really dedicated employees who love their jobs and who receive excellent compensation from their employer which is rare today in the airline industry. Being an ex airlines ramp and gate agent in MKE those scenes of the ramp and gate area in the video just make me want to join the Southwest team. I wish Southwest all the success in Milwaukee and hope the flying public in the metro area realizes how fortunate they are to have airlines like Southwest and AirTran offering nonstop flights out of MKE with excellent low fares and great inflight service and nonstop service on mainline jets (love those Boeing 737's!). Milwaukee has for too long been subjected to the high end fares of Midwest. Now really is the time to plan a trip Milwaukee and grab your bags and go!
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Caleb, I am so sorry I didn'y get to go with you guys. Looks like it was tons of fun. Broken-arm Blog Boy
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Wish they would come to Charleston SC!
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Love this airline, but really wish they would consider service to Myrtle Beach! Is that in the cards at all?
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It does look like a lot of fun to go to a new Southwest city. The couple with small child that would travel to each new city confirms that. Brian -- How did you break your arm?
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I am glad to see the MKE market evolve, I think swa will do well there. I would also like to see southwest take care of the snowbirds in MSP with non-stops to PHX . The snowbird market is big in the winter months, they would go full.
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milwaukee is soooooo lucky!! i can't wait for swa to come to greenville sc!! fingers are crossed!!! you are my sw connection to my family in phoenix!! i flew out of cleveland OH for years via swa... now that i'm living in greenville i sooooo miss you guys! you are THE best!!
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I would love to know how to join the crew, having a hard time via internet forms