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Southwest Airlines: Taking Care of Our Customers

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Our founder, Herb Kelleher, is famous for saying...well...he's famous for saying a lot of things.  But among them that "the Business of Business is People." He recognized that - more than advertising, more than low fares - it would be our Employees that would be the key to our success, because they would be key to building positive relationships with our Customers.  At Southwest Airlines, we truly value the relationships we build with our Customers and see every encounter as an opportunity to connect.  And, because our Employees are guided by "The Golden Rule," they instinctively know what to do to take care of our Customers in times of need.  Sometimes it is a simple as getting someone's bag to a flight on time, and sometimes it can be much deeper than that.

Watch this video to see a very touching example of a Southwest Employee taking care of a Customer in need. 

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The video states "This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, make sure you have accepted the sender's friend request" and does not play.
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Sorry about that Miko, it is fixed now
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You might want to warn those of us who get teary at Extreme Makeover that we'll need Kleenix for this video. Sheesh!!!