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Southwest Airlines and the Salute Our Troops Weekend

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When we first learned about the opportunity to work with Southwest Airlines and The Palazzo Las Vegas on a “Salute Our Troops” weekend, we had a hard time believing our luck. How often do you have the chance to work with two corporate partners as committed to pulling off such a huge event for our troops?


For the past few months, our organizations have worked together to plan an all-inclusive weekend of entertainment, dining, and relaxation for 65 wounded service members and guests from Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio and the Bethesda National Naval and Walter Reed Army Medical Centers in Washington, D.C. These men and women, having faced combat like none other in history, now fight every day to regain a bit of what they had before.  For these 65 troops, the injury is just the beginning.


This weekend, they’ll leave that all behind and enjoy the beautiful Palazzo Las Vegas, where they will enjoy everything from complimentary tickets to attend both Jersey Boys and the Blue Man Group, to a private poker tutorial and tournament. At the Armed Forces Foundation, everything we do revolves around the idea of “serving those who serve,” and this Las Vegas event fits that to a T. Beginning on Friday with Southwest Airlines flights from BWI and SAT, this weekend allows us to say thanks to those who have sacrificed so much by treating them to a once-in-a-lifetime VIP weekend.


Our guests are men and women from different backgrounds from all parts of the country. Many were injured by improvised explosive devices overseas. Some suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, but all have put themselves directly in harm’s way in service to our nation.


Our foundation operates a variety of programs for the United States Military Community. Our financial assistance grants help to families through rough times of injury and transition. Our Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury outreach programs provide information and build relationships to foster awareness and promote treatment of these hidden ailments. Lastly, our morale, welfare, and recreation program gives troops and families the opportunity to get off post or out of the hospital and go out and have fun, because sometimes, recreation and laughter are just what the doctor ordered.


Thanks for checking in! We can’t thank Southwest Airlines enough for providing this wonderful service, and we look forward to keeping you updated throughout the weekend!


For more information about the Armed Forces Foundation, please visit

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hats off to everyone at southwest and the Palazzofor making this weekend memorable for our troops. I know they will all have a great time. I can not wait til my Marine comes home as we also plan a trip to Vegas, looks like we are going to fly Southwest.
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As a 33 year Marine and Air Force Vet I salute you. We only fly South West and this tribute to the troops comes as no surprise. Thank you from all the women and men in service to their country. SMSgt Barnett Retired
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Thank you Southwest for giving us a chance to honor our troops!
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LUV Southwest Airlines, you are the best. Thank you for honoring our veterans with a memorable weekend with their families in Las Vegas. That is so neat.
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To the wounded, thanks for giving a part of yourselves, to ALL of our troops, thanks for your service and finally to Southwest Airlines, thanks for all you do; more companies should follow your example. I would like to think that these wishes are not just from myself but a great country.
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That's way the bestest asnewr so far!
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This is really wonderful for Southwest to do this to honor our troops and guests. More of the airlines should get into this. (Especially Delta, for the stunt they pulled recently). Gongrats to Southwest. We fly Southwest everytime we can. I am a wife of a retired Army person, who served in Vietnam. We are both proud of all our troops, men and women, who have served, and are serving today, to keep us all free and make this country proud and great!!
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I love flying Southwest! I am glad to see that major companies still care about the men and women of our country who fight or gave his or her lives for our freedom! Thank you and God Bless!
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Thanks SWA, but why not honor ALL defenders of liberty? Here's a challenge to you from a Rapid Rewards member -
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I am so happy to hear that Southwest Airlines are supporting our troops, I am married to a retired Air Force Sargent and he served twenty years and unless you have experienced the military life you could not imagine the sacrafices the men and women and their familes go throuhgh and how they give their very lives for our wonderful great country The United States of America, i am proud to be a part and also to have a son retired from the United States Navy..Thank you again and God Bless you and your wonderful contribution to our miitary men and women and God Bless America.
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As a Marine, my husband was in the first Gulf War, and am so proud that our troops are finaly getting the support and respect they have deserved from their fellow Americans. These men and woman give their lives for the country they love and am proud of companies as you Southwest, who recognize this love and dedication these fine men and woman do for their country everyday. Moreover, we should also give the same respect to the other Americans who put their lives on the line everyday like our Law Enforcment, Fire Fighters, Rescue Crews and all the others who are willing to risk their lives for their fellow Americans. Thank you Southwest for your dedication and respect you give to our troops.
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Thanks SouthWest for you support of our military personnel. I agree with one of the other comments about doing special things like this formore of our military travelers. I retired from the United States Air Force and when I travel by air, I always try to book my flights on SouthWest.
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What about helping the families of the deployed who are living away from other family have a sincere discount on fares in order to experience somesupport and safety through visiting a grandparent or auntie? It would be wonderful to facilitate a trip for our children to spend time with their grandmother, or haveher come to us with a deeply reduced cope with being without their hero father for a year. Or a deeply discounted fare for husband and wife to have a much needed post deployment get-a-way? Airfare on a military salary is a steep purchase- period. Just a few thoughts. Why is it a solidier must be injured in such dramatic ways to have a little generosity provided? Are they only noteworthy after damaged for life? What about the invisable damage and the unspoken wounds the family suffers with? Imho.... Yet, happy birthday America! You are still great!
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Thank You South West for supporting our men and women, protecting all of us ! We are so very Proud and Thankfull to each and everyone of our Military Service Men and Women ! May The Lord Bless each and everyone of you and bring you all Home safely! I will be proud to fly South West!!