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The Art of Saying Thank You

MLee Employee

Last night I wrote about 30 thank-you notes for gifts received at my daughter’s birthday party this past weekend.  Yes, I wrote them myself, because even though she’s not quite old enough to pen a proper thank-you note, I believe in the importance of sending them out for every gift, big or small.  My daughter also happens to be a Veteran’s Day baby, so the holiday means a lot to my extended family, with three grandfathers that served during WWII and my own father who completed two tours of duty in Vietnam.  November 11 not only represents the gift of new life for us, but also the gift of family and the Freedoms we never take for granted.

This Veteran’s Day, I hope you will join my Southwest Family in saying thanks today to the men and women who bravely serve our country, with the most simple of gestures—a thank you note.   We will have postcards available in the gate areas of all our airports for Customers to leave a simple note of thanks that will be sent to soldiers currently deployed overseas.  We’ve enlisted the help of the nonprofit organization A Million Thanks to help get those letters into the hands of soldiers to remind them that we are thankful for what they are called upon to do.  Not working at the airport or traveling on Southwest today?  You can still send a note of thanks at any time.  Just visit for drop-off locations and some helpful tips on sending your own note to a soldier.   A Million Thanks is a year-round campaign to show appreciation to U.S. Military men and women through letters, e-mails, and cards.

And please be sure to keep an eye on our blog for the rest of the month, as we will be featuring more stories of Military Heroes and the ways they inspire us.  You just might also find yourself wanting to say thanks.

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I would just like to say THANK YOU Southwest Airlines...each and every time I've flown has been a nice experience. I know that everyone has rough days, but I have never seen it from any of the employees. I've been impressed with the great customer service provided by everyone from your gate personnel, the flight attendants and crew. I would also like to say thank you for appreciation of Our Nations Veterans and Active Duty members. Keep up the great work. V/r HMC Nicole Jackson US Navy