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The Final Farewell of Atlantis

Brooks Employee

A passenger flying to Fort Lauderdale on one of our canyon blues snapped history yesterday: the final launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis, and the end (for now) of NASA's space shuttle program. 
Ryan Graff glanced outside his window (which I'm going to guess was around 21A), to see the towering trail of smoke from Atlantis' rocket boosters, rising majestically from the Cape Canaveral launch pad from whence it came. 
Shuttle to the Sky
Once on the ground in FLL, Ryan sent the pictures to his brother, Chad, who was nice enough to let us use them on Nuts.
LUV for aviation is infectious when you work for an airline.  I know yesterday's final launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis brought tears to many of my Coworkers' eyes.  It saddens me, too, though deep in my heart I know we haven't seen the last of NASA's shuttle program.  
Godspeed, Atlantis.
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As I said in my "share this" tweet a few moments ago, you can't plan shots like this :-) Kudos to the PAX that was luck enough to take this picture. Paul in CRP