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We're Millionaires!

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Wow…I’ve been watching our Twitter followers grow each day, anxiously anticipating the day we would hit one million followers.  That day is here!

To celebrate this milestone today and tomorrow only*, Customers who book on can use the promo code TWITTERLUV to receive $10 off a roundtrip Anytime, Business Select, or Wanna Get Away Fares purchase – pretty cool, huh?

Another important ingredient in our Twitter Success Soup has been our awesome Employees that have gone above and beyond to share our Southwest Airlines story online.  These folks retweeted, answered questions, gave great feedback, and stayed highly engaged in what our Customers are doing online…on their own time!  These ten individuals will be awarded a round trip “Above and Beyond” ticket.  Congrats yall, and thanks for all that you have done! (I also recommend following these individuals, as they truly live the SOUTHWEST SPIRIT):

• @FlyingPhotog: Paul Thompson, our resident Flickr guru and championship plane spotter.  He’s also great for conversations about So You Think You Can Dance.

• @SWA_Captain: Southwest Airlines Captain, Kenneth Wells, keeps us updated on weather, events, and irregular operations across the Southwest system. 

• @MightyMeri: Meri Glavin works in our crew scheduling department, she is major Alabama fan and will never miss a Follow Friday opportunity.

• @HarrisonEarl: this nonrev champion has an obsession (it seems) with flying all over the country to have lunch with old buddies, take pictures of cool planes, and crack us up with aviation humor.  Harrison Earl works in our Marketing Planning department.

• @Brandy_King: Brandy is technically my boss, and we all know the boss never gets appreciated ; )  Just kidding, Brandy has stepped up to the Twitterplate on several occasions to debunk rumors, answer questions, and provide much needed vacation relief! Brandy is a Senior Public Relations Manager…and of course, World’s Best Boss.

• @MimiFace: Mimi could easily be mistaken for a celebrity gossip columnist, but actually she’s a Southwest Flight Attendant based in Chicago.  Mimi’s tweets are so fun, she always let’s us in on what the celebs are saying about Southwest Airlines (and sometimes the other guys)!

• @ChanceB737: Chance (not Chase) is a Southwest Airlines Captain from Chicago.  He also keeps us updated on conditions throughout the Southwest system, and is a major cycling fanatic!

• @Um_Hi_Isaiah: This Houston-based Ramper claims his Twitter location as “the belly of a 737.”  He is also known for holding impromptu Tweetups with Customers and Employees!

• @SWABikeDude: James Goodman works as a Customer Service Training Supervisor in Chicago.  This guy updates us on what is going on in one of our busiest stations, loves Disney stuff, and had cameos on the show Airline….he’s still a star in my book!

• @SWALesa: Leslie is a Corporate Recruiter for Southwest Airlines.  Follow her to know anything about working at Southwest Airlines and get the scoop on what jobs are open

*Terms & Conditions

  • $5 each way ($10 roundtrip) discount valid for use at off the total amount of any  Anytime, Business Select fares, and Wanna Get Away purchase before taxes and fees.

  • Purchase must be made by 1/13/2010 by 11:59 pm Pacific Time for travel 1/21/2010 through  3/1/2010.

  • The discount is only valid with the provided Promotion Code and is not combinable with other  Promotion Codes or fares available exclusively through the web tool DING!

  • One-way or roundtrip purchase allowed.

  • Changes made to the itinerary after purchase may eliminate qualifications for this promotion. 
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I have a question...why is it when I try to go book a flight to Ontario, California for flying in july it tells me that I cant book that flight cause you wont be going there in july...but I check ontario airport for the dates and it shows me that southwest is flying in there on the dates that I want....
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This would be a better offer if more time were given to use it.
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Thanks Christi! My wife got a good laugh from that SYTYCD comment! It's been an adventure. Cheers, and here's to the next million! Paul @FlyingPhotog
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That truly is amazing. Congrats Southwest!
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You have been eagerly anticipating the day, not anxiously anticipating the day. Both "anxious" and "eager" mean "desirous," but "anxious" also implies fear or concern.