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Windows and Southwest Airlines Team Up to Take the Hassle Out of the Holidays

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Holiday photos are one of the most popular ways for families to get into the holiday spirit.  From the required photo on Santa’s lap to family photos in holiday cards, pictures have always been a key part of celebrating the season, connecting with those you love and sharing memories – in person or from afar.  Unfortunately, spending hours in line at the mall to get your picture taken with Santa also makes it one of the most time-consuming traditions. 

If you’re flying Southwest Airlines this holiday, we’ve got a present for you! This December, Windows and Southwest are teaming up to offer you free Holiday Photos on the Fly at the gate while you wait for your flight!  Starting December 2 and continuing every weekend until Christmas, Southwest and Windows will offer free holiday photos to passengers at 26 airports across the United States.

Each weekend, passengers can stop by one of Santa’s “workshops” in select Southwest terminals and have their photo taken with Santa or one of several winter backdrops.  A Windows 7 Elf will guide them through an online experience to learn how to edit, share, and store their photos with ease, thanks to Windows Live and Windows 7.  Families will then be able to print a copy of their photo at the airport, or visit to retrieve and share their photos online once they get where they’re going.

If you’re lucky enough to be in New York City this week, you can drop by Bryant Park and get your picture taken, experience Windows Live, play with Kinect and check out the hottest new PCs and Windows Phones – some of which aren’t even available in stores.

Windows and Southwest are making a holiday tradition easier and celebrating the simple things that make this time of year special: spending time with family, connecting with friends and sharing good cheer.

Holiday Photos on the Fly will be available in the following cities: Albuquerque, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, El Paso, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Nashville, New Orleans, Oakland, Ontario, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, San Antonio, St Louis, Seattle, and Tampa.

So, plan to leave for the airport a little early and stop by to have your photo taken.  From all of us at Windows and Southwest Airlines, thank you and Happy Holidays!

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What a cute idea. I just love you people at Southwest. You not only take the hassle out of traveling, but you put the fun in it. Thank you Southwest on being the best airline out there.
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Too Bad Orlando isn't one of the airports think of all the children going to or from Walt DIsney World who would have found the Magic in the holidays. Most of those cities I have no need to fly to.
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Whomever came up with this wonderful idea was a genious! I'm thinking of all the children who fly and wonder if Santa will know where they will be going. What a wonderful way to perk up flyers at the airport!!
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We're flying Southwest Dec 2 and Dec 12th but not to one of the select airports :(. That's OK we love southwest anyway.
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Southwest is the absolute best airline in the world. It is nice to have such caring people and friendly people when u r flying. I fly back and forth to Baltimore and Boston and I have enjoyed every fleight that I have taken with SoutWest. I will be flying again on Dec. 1st out of Boston with my daughter. We r very excited to get r picture taken for the holidays. Thank you for all your generousity. Happy Holidays !
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Saddened that I was linked here through the official facebook, enticed by "Prizes and free flights!" Yet... no mention of such?
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The Facebook post that carried this link referenced a contest that would be explained in the content above. Can't seem to find that.
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Why not come to your brand new airport ECP? Why doesn't Southwest ever bring any type of fun promo to ECP?
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Can't figure out why anyone would use any other airline, unless Southwest doesn't fly there. Southwest people are the best!
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So excited to fly southwest and get to have our picture taken. What a great way to kick off our Christmas holiday!!
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It was so funny - this morning taking my children to high school we saw sooooo many flocks of geese heading south - and one Southwest Flight! Looking forward to the next time I can fly Southwest south to visit my mother in Florida.
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Hey Everyone! Thanks for all your comments! If you are curious how to enter the sweeps, click here: Good luck to everyone and Happy Holidays! Christi
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I used to hate flying and then I flew Southwest. They made me laugh..they made me feel part of their family. Southwest hasn't been in Minneapolis very long and I have had to fly Air Tran to Georgia and believe me, they were just plain grumpy! This time they joked(or tried) and your employees smiled. My next trip will be on Southwest! Thank God for mergers!!
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Why only on weekends? Lots of us will be traveling for Christmas on weekdays.
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What a cute idea!! GO SWA. You rock.
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How about pictures in Jan. ? Headed to Phoenix from RDU. I love SW too.
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Awesome idea! Too bad Santa won't be at ISP. I was so looking forward to a pic with him!!!
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Always ahead of the pack! Way to go SWA! Susan Bern
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Happy Thanksgiving Maybe next year I will fly to Tulsa.Do you fly Phoenix AZ. to Minneapolis Mn.If you do you will have me onboard.Love you guys Keep up the great work and keep on flying with all of those SMILES
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All I can say is I won't fly with anybody but SOUTHWEST!!!!!!!!
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Southwest is genious and always putting the customer experience first. If anyone needs a perfect ugly sweater for the holiday photo, visit