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Re: Companion Pass Boarding

Rising Star

@bozacksmith wrote:

Interesting this thread is still going but still applicable. I have the same issue as well.

Southwest should also inform their gate people on how the numbering system works with the SWA algorithm and status.


It is annoying that if I am A- List preferred with companion pass earning (all through flying and not through credit cards) and fly my companion and/or my kids I have to forfeit my position and board with their lower number, and I pay for early bird check in too.


So instead of the gate agents letting my companion or kids board with me as A1, A2 or A16 I board with their early bird check in which is usually A30-50. Sure I could just go on and save seats but I help my wife and kids board, luggage etc. I have had them try to board with me only to have agents deny them time after time.


If the gate agents were smart they should realize that most of the time that someone draws the A1, 2 or A16/17 etc we pull those because we have the highest SWA status of those checked in at the time............ loyalty should matter  more


The gate agents are enforcing the rules. Would it be nice if the rules were different? Sure. But until that happens, the rules will be enforced.


Also boarding spots A1 or A2 have nothing to do with "status." It has to do with who is willing to pay the highest fare. Loyalty gets you free travel for your companion. Can you get that from any other airline? Seems to me that loyalty gets a pretty big reward.



Re: Companion Pass Boarding

New Arrival

Same issue here.


Was this "solved"?

Re: Companion Pass Boarding

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Not sure if my original post was posted:


I wish I would've known about this issue before I got the companion pass.


I have 165,000 points and we have the CP through the end of 2020.

As of now, we won't be using the card because of this issue and we won't be renewing the CP.


I usually book Business S, but with the CP, my wife is late A or early B, even with Early Bird.


Why would I book Business to get early A and hen try to "save" a seat or bin space when 60 people get on the plane?  That is honestly a disincentive to pay for Business.


I guess I assumed that Southwest would allow the companion to board with the companion, especially given their reputation for customer service, but my bad.


Oh well, lesson learned.






Re: Companion Pass Boarding

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@Flyer43 Are you saying that because your companion who flies for free can't board with you you're going to forgo the companion pass and just pay full fare for your companion's tickets in the future? I don't quite understand the logic there. Why not just purchase an upgraded boarding position at the gate for the companion then you're both in the A1-15 group. Also, if you are buying Business Select fares solely just to board early you should also consider WGA fares with the upgraded boarding position purchase.


Yes, it would be great if Southwest allowed the Companion to board with the CP holder, but giving up buy one, get one free tickets just because that policy doesn't exist seems a bit like throwing the baby out with the bath water.