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Flights Opening for February 2019

New Arrival

Can anyone tell me when the flights will open for booking for February 2019?  We are doing a family cruise.  Some of my family (not so bright) are booking on another airline and trying to convince darling husband that we should fly with them.  I ONLY FLY SWA!!!



Re: Flights Opening for February 2019

New Arrival

There is no official release date yet for February 2019, but flights for February 2018 went on sale on June 22, 2017 (when Southwest released its schedule from early January through March 7). Given that the next schedule release date on May 31, 2018 will only include flights through January 6, 2019, it seems likely that the February schedule will be released around the same time as it was last year (June 22) or perhaps a week or two later than that. 


On May 31, you should be able to see the next schedule release date (which would likely include February) at the following link:


Re: Flights Opening for February 2019

New Arrival

Us too!!! I am anxiously waiting to see how many miles I will need to get my family of 6 to Miami for a Feb cruise!