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When is Southwest going to enforce their preboard policy of allowing only 1 person to accompany a preboard person.  Having a whole family preboard is not right.  


Re: Pre-boarding

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In my experience the enforcement of this varies, but I believe it should be enforced. While I try to never pass judgement about who is medically prebiarding (not all disabilities are visible), it does bother me when 5 adults board with the individual. 


But the human side in me also realizes the need for exceptions. Ex: a dad is in a wheelchair and needs his wife to help him but the have two small kids. The kids can’t board alone!


I would encourage you to reach out directly to SW using the contact us link below to share this feedback. 

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Re: Pre-boarding

New Arrival

Southwest follows nothing with there polices when it pertains to pre-boarding . I boarded A2 and there were 3 people who were on the the fligh and I am a third of the way back on the plane. All business travelers should boycott Southwest when possible until they have a realistic policy that they follow.

Re: Pre-boarding

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Be sure to share this directly with the airline, either via Twitter or customer service: The team is always looking to improve the service and experience for everyone, and sharing your feedback can make all the difference!

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