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Customer of size check in / pre-boarding

New Arrival

Hi! So I'm flying with someone who we just reserved an extra seat for because they're a "Customer of size" and I know that they will get to pre-board. I asked the Southwest agent on the phone if since we were flying together if I would get to board with her and she said I would have to speak to the gate agent about that. So I'm just wondering from anyone's experience if the people flying with the person of size get to pre-board together or if I'm going to be on my own? I was also told we don't need to check in the extra seat... just the main reservation. Just want to make sure that is the case. I don't want to get to the airport and be told otherwise. Thanks for any help! 🙂 


Re: Customer of size check in / pre-boarding

NicoleAshley Employee

Thanks for reaching out. Someone traveling with a Customer of Size would not also get to preboard for the sole reason of their companion being a Customer of size. You're correct that you do not need to check in the extra seat, however, you should still check yourself in. We look forward to seeing you both soon!

Community Manager