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How many Pre’s in Boarding does Southwest Need?

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Boarding @ Southwest: Pre, Pre, Pre, Pre, Pre boarding:

What exactly is preboarding to Southwest? 

1.  People in Wheelchairs (Are they truly hurting?)

2.  People who have EXT on their boarding pass

3.  People who just walk on to the plane with nothing wrong 

4.  Families 

5.  And finally military 


Southwest has turned into a racket. I live in the Bay Area.  Here’s an idea, you should sell Tech StartUp preboarding if you’re that desperate.  Was told that there would be 13 open seats but by the time B14 got onto the plane it was too the back.  Honestly you might be following preboarding rules but what are doing about customers not following the rules. 


Re: How many Pre’s in Boarding does Southwest Need?

Top Contributor

Sounds like maybe you don't actually understand how preboarding works on Southwest.


Preboarding is available for disabled passengers who either need assistance boarding the plane or a specific seat once on board. These passengers may use a wheelchair or may be ambulatory, as disabilities vary, and many disabilities may not be readily apparent.


Those requiring extra time, families, and military do not preboard. They are allowed to board after the A group (before the B group), and in the case of military they must be traveling in uniform.


There are no fees for preboarding, and specific requirements are in compliance with US Department of Transportation (DOT) and FAA laws.