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Suggestion for early bird check-in

New Arrival


I used early bird check-in and got boarding position C-22, which I speculate is the same I would have received had I not spent the money for the early check-in.  At somepoint prior to the flight when there is no real value to your customers, you should not offer it, just like you cannot buy a flight in the past.  It is unlikely I will ever buy this again.


Re: Suggestion for early bird check-in

Rising Star

EBCI ALWAYS gives you a better boarding position than people who check themselves in - assuming you buy it before the 24 hour   mark. The closer to departure date you buy it, the less it is worth.


The exception to that statement is "if you get lucky" you can get a great spot when checking yourself in. How? People checking in get the best available spot when they check in. If you are lucky enough to have the A16 holder cancel the reservation just before you check in, then you'll get A16 -- even if it happens to be an hour before flight time.

Re: Suggestion for early bird check-in

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A C boarding position with EBCI seems very unusual. How many days before the flight did you purchase EarlyBird? Do you still have your paper boarding pass which would indicate the EarlyBird was actually applied to the reservation?



Re: Suggestion for early bird check-in

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If you got C22, I am willing to bet the farm that EB was not applied to your reservation.