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early bird refund??

New Arrival

I cancelled a trip and also had paid $40 for early bird check in which was NOT CREDITED BACK TO MY FUTURE TRAVEL!!! Thats just rude


Re: early bird refund??

Rising Star

Here is the Southwest wording from the EarlyBird Check-In FAQs (


"All EarlyBird Check-In purchases are nonrefundable. Customers who cancel their flight will forfeit the previously purchased EarlyBird Check-In option for that particular flight.


In the event that a flight is cancelled by Southwest, the EarlyBird Check-In purchased for the cancelled flight will be refunded."

Customer | Home airport DCA | Community Champion

Re: early bird refund??

Rising Star

As you've learned the hard way, EBCI is non refundable when you cancel a flight. An alternative to canceling your flight is to change it to some other future flight, even one you just book as a placeholder until you finalize your travel plans. When you change flights instead of canceling EBCI stays on the reservation.