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Boardin pass

New Arrival

Anyone know why I can’t download a boarding pass to my smartphone? No sense using the mobile app if it doesn’t send you the boarding pass


Re: Boardin pass

Rising Star

Not all itineraries or fare types are eligible for a mobile boarding pass. As you didn't provide more details it's difficult to say what your exact issue is. You can still check-in via the app, but will have to get the boarding pass at the airport. 



Re: Boardin pass

Top Contributor

Are you on an international flight for instance?


When you check in can you use the “text me” a boarding pass option and does the graphic download as a picture?


what type of phone and OS software version, and app version?



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Re: Boardin pass

Top Contributor

Are all passengers eligible to use a mobile boarding pass?

All passengers that are eligible to obtain a printed boarding pass should be able to utilize the mobile boarding pass option. However, passengers traveling on certain types of fares may not be eligible. Infants, unaccompanied minors, individuals traveling on Senior Fares that need to be age verified, nonrevenue passengers, and Military Fares are not eligible to receive a mobile boarding pass.


Re: Boardin pass

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If you have a large group that can happen too!

Re: Boardin pass

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To add, have you tried opening a PDF on your phone? As in, email it from your computer to your phone and open it there?


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