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Mobile Boarding Passes for Youngsters on Multi-Passenger Itineraries

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If you’re like me, you were excited to read this recent announcement from Southwest about the ability for all travelers on multi-passenger itineraries to retrieve a mobile boarding pass via the Southwest app or mobile site! This is a huge enhancement and addresses many requests on the Community and from Southwest fliers in general.


For this functionality to work, there are a few things to keep in mind. Each traveler:

  • May only retrieve his or her own mobile boarding pass only
  • Will need his or her Rapid Rewards number associated with the itinerary (Gotta get those points!)
  • Must be using the most up-to-date version of the Southwest app and logged into his or her own Rapid Rewards account
  • Must be eligible for mobile boarding passes

Again, this is great news, but I have a unique situation that requires some creative thinking: our two year old daughter has her own Rapid Rewards account, but she obviously doesn’t carry a cell phone. Given that each traveler must retrieve his or her own boarding pass, can this new enhancement work for us? The short answer is yes! It just takes a few extra steps.


To retrieve my own mobile boarding pass, I can use the app or mobile site to check in and then save the boarding pass to Apple Wallet or Google Pay on Android. Next, I can log myself out and then log into my daughter’s Rapid Rewards account. From there, I can check her in and then save her boarding pass as well.  


And that’s it! Both of our mobile boarding passes are available on my phone; this is not something that would have been possible prior to this enhancement.  Thanks, Southwest, for continuing to make customer-friendly enhancements to make flying easier!!!


See you on a Southwest flight soon!  Just look for the cute two year old saying, “Hi!” to every person as we make our way onto the plane.

-A List Preferred, Companion Pass holder, Community Champion.

Re: Mobile Boarding Passes for Youngsters on Multi-Passenger Itineraries

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My sister and her friends were traveling to TPA from DAL 2 weeks a go right after this new enhancement and my sisters friend didn't have the app on her phone because it wasn't compatible so they asked me how do I handle this I told them they could do exactly as you said or they could log in on the app on my sister's phone take a screen shot and text it to the friend and it worked out just fine as well as another option for people who have a smart phone but don't have the app.



Re: Mobile Boarding Passes for Youngsters on Multi-Passenger Itineraries

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Thanks. It's really helpful for those who want to retrieve their mobile boarding pass...

gmail sign up 

Re: Mobile Boarding Passes for Youngsters on Multi-Passenger Itineraries

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I've had the same issue.  I just open in chrome on my phone, check my kid in and have it email me the boarding pass.  I prefer my boarding pass being in my email anyway.  So, I email mine there and then just scan the boarding pass from my email. Email is good because it caches better than apps generally.


Re: Mobile Boarding Passes for Youngsters on Multi-Passenger Itineraries

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We have 8 people on our itinerary.  4 of us have Rapid Rewards accounts, and 4 of us do not.  How do we retrieve the mobile boarding passes for the 4 who do not have Rapid Rewards accounts??