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Same Day Flight Change

New Arrival

I fly Southwest as frequently as I can with the university that I work for, and then quite often use points and still pay to travel for personal vacations. 


Trying to leave a location recently, I called the night before and got one price to change my time

of flight even though on the same exact day. Decided to go to the airport the morning of to change flight in hopes of getting it either waived or the same price as the night before. Low and behold, I had to pay MORE than when I called 4 hours earlier....don’t completely understand the process of charging more for a flight when I have already paid for one for that same day, AND there were still empty seats on the flight I paid more

to get on to beat out freezing rain weather. 


May have to really look into traveling again with Southwest, as other airlines will at least charge less than $100 for same day flight change.


Very disappointed....


Re: Same Day Flight Change

Rising Star

Southwest lets A-List and A-List Preferred members can fly standby on any earlier flight on the same day free of charge. Purchasing a Business Select or Anytime fare also lets you change flights same day without charge. Sounds like you don't have status and purchased a Wanna Get Away fare so therefore the policy is to pay the fare difference between what you originally paid for your ticket and what the current fare is. Tickets are more expensive on the day of travel, even versus the night before, 99% of the time so the price jump you saw is not unexpected.  Yes, other airlines offer different same day change options that can be better or worse depending on the specific travel situation.