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standed with a companion pass

New Arrival

We received notification that our flight was Cancelled tomorow am. trying to get on a flight for tonight.

The system will not allow is to switch the flight due to our companion pass.

I have been on hold 37 minutes at this time. Missed my meeting I flew in for because I am trying to switch my flight.  We are afraid to cancel our flight and get out of the sytem because the cost of the next ticket is significanly higher. Please help. 


Re: standed with a companion pass

Rising Star

The companion pass does make it trickier - if you are a twitter user you can try @SouthwestAir - don't send the confirmation number or names until they ask for it by direct message.


Don't cancel your flight for sure, you'll need to use the rescheduling link or talk to someone at Southwest in order to make an even money exchange.


I would be careful about canceling the companion ticket, during regular operations this will allow you to self-service online and then re-add the companion, but if the flights are all booked up that would be very risky to cancel the companion since you won't be able to add it back without availability. Southwest can make an even money exchange as long as you keep the companion ticket, but you have to talk to someone by phone or in person to do that.

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