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Teen Success Summit - Phoenix

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My name is Mona Dixon and we are putting on a Teen Success Summit at Arizona State University. The goal of this summit is to provide teens with opportunities, resources, and real-life skills to be successful. I recently saw the SWA high school summer internship and was wondering who can I reach out to with community relations to have a table at our event to talk to the teens about the opportunities that are offered at SWA? And possibly have volunteers at the event. Thank you! 

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Re: Teen Success Summit - Phoenix

TiffanyV Employee

Hi @RomoniaDixon


My name is Tiffany and I work on the Community Outreach team at Southwest Airlines that manages all charitable giving requests. Thank you for sharing more information about the Teen Success Summit at Arizona State University and letting us know about all the great things your organization is doing in the community. Unfortunately, our budget is very limited, and we must politely decline the opportunity to sponsor your organization.


As you can imagine, we get so many requests from wonderful organizations that we’ve had to set some guidelines in place for our donations. With that, we have moved away from sponsoring and donating roundtrip tickets to schools and churches. It would be otherwise impossible to select which ones we could support since we don’t have the budget to support them all. As we’ve grown as a Company, we’ve had to also establish some areas of strategic focus to help us determine how we can use our resources to the maximum impact of both Southwest and the cause we are supporting. Moreover, per our requirements listed on we are unable to accommodate this request.


We know our decision will be disappointing for you, but we do hope you can understand our position. We wish you the very best of luck and thank you for considering Southwest!


Kind Regards,


Community Outreach Moderator
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