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Missing the Love

New Arrival

So disappointed... I have been looking for the last 2 years for the nonstop flights back and forth to and from LAS - PHL .

The non stop flights from PHL and LAS were the perfect flight for my son who lives across the country with his dad. Southwest was our airline of choice for this flight.. Our son loved flying with southwest.. he was only 13 when he started flying along with you guys.. and we were used to scheduling 6 flight per year.. but  they are gone.. and I need nonstop.. 

anyway.. so frustrated and so disappointed to find out they are GONE GONE.. and not coming back. 

Sure wish you would reconsider bringing back this flight. 


A MOM in Las Vegas. 


Re: Missing the Love

Rising Star

Southwest is short about 10% of it's fleet due to the MAX grounding. Thus  it has tough decisions to make abot which flights it keeps, and which it cuts.


SInce this is a custmer to customer forum, I'd suggest that you provide your request directly to the airline. To do so, click on the link and pick yor desired method of commnication.

Re: Missing the Love

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Unfortunately with the grounding of the Max aircraft Southwest has had to make a large number of adjustments to its route map. Routes do get changed frequently so be sure to check for the route after each schedule extension. The LAS-PHL route could return anytime, especially once the Max aircraft return to service.


Schedule release dates can be found here:



Re: Missing the Love

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Story of my life! The last nonstop PHL - LAS flights I took was in October 2018. I hope that the nonstops will be back soon.