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Traveling with a wagon

New Arrival

I am hoping to be able to travel with my wagon rather than a stroller. However my wagon does not collapse. The sides come off but the wheels and base are a solid structure. Am I able to check this as my stroller? Will there be any fees? 

Thank you!

Here is the link for the wagon.;


Re: Traveling with a wagon

Rising Star

Your question is sufficiently complex that I'd advise you to contact customer relations at 855-234-4654. You could also contact via twitter.


I say it's complex becasue you need  ruling about whether a non-foldable wagon can substitute for a stroller. It's heavy (65 lbs) it's dimensions are large. If it were checked baggage, it would be subject to at least one and maybe two excess charges.

Re: Traveling with a wagon

Active Member

I agree with @dfwskier on this one.  I wouldn't be optimistic.


That's also an expensive wagon so you should be aware of damage waivers in the event that it is somehow accepted as a "stroller".

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