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737-700 reservations

New Arrival

Reservations being taken for as late as March 2020 indicate the aircraft type to be 737-700.  But the site also claims that once I have the reservation, the eqipment could be a 737 Max, presumably.  That will trigger a cancellation/refund on my part and upset to travel plans.   I don't believe SW should change equipment once they've advertised a specific flight with specific 'features'--in this case, the type of aircraft.  (I suspect I'm one of many people that will not put myself at risk on a MAX until a heck of a lot of air miles in this aircraft have been realized. See you in 2024, maybe?!?!)


Re: 737-700 reservations

Rising Star

Even before the MAX issues aircrafts are subject to change on all airlines due to operational needs. 


If the airline extends the cancellation for MAX flights though March and your equipment is changed to the MAX and cancelled then you would have the choice of the refund or you can choose any other flight that is available (within 14 days).


the airline takes a lot in to consideration before changing equipment and canceling flights some things that are considered are number of open seats and where might the aircraft be best used. 


Hope this helps!


Re: 737-700 reservations

New Arrival

The policy isn't the problem.  What if the plane was changed to a 737-800?  What if the plane had mechanical problems and they had to change the plane type?  The problem is you don't want to fly on a MAX 8.  That's your prerogative.  Personally, if the MAX 8 is approved to be placed back in service, I'd have no problem with flying on one.  But that's me.  You have to decide what's best for you but plane changes can and will happen whether they are MAX 8 related or not.