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Adding Hertz gold status to car reservation

New Arrival

I've reserved a car through the SWA site, but I didn't see any place to add my Hertz Gold information. Any ideas on how to do this? Or do I need to call Hertz directly?


Re: Adding Hertz gold status to car reservation

Rising Star

When making the Hertz reservation through there is a "Hertz Member Number" field in the "Who's Driving?" section of the checkout.  I can't speak from experience, but that should take care of it.  I'd verify the reservation is associated with your account by going to and logging in there and hopefully gold status is shown on the reservation.  If not, then a call to Hertz would probably be required.  Give it a try and let us know how it goes.



Re: Adding Hertz gold status to car reservation

New Arrival

DO NOT try to do this through the online chat feature at   I booked a car directly on and then joined the Gold Club later.  I wanted to have my reservation updated.  I used the online chat and they said no problem.  Told me I had a new reservation, but mentioned nothing about money.  I got the confirmation and moved the email into my saved folder.  A week later I looked at my credit card account and saw that they had refunded my original total and charged the new total which was $179 more. Note: I chose the Pay Now option to get a cheaper rate.  

I called Hertz and they opened a case.  No one has contacted me at all, via phone or email.  Two weeks later, I noticed they refunded the 2nd charge, but had not recharged my card for the original amount.  So I called and they said my reservation was canceled and a new one issued (even though I can't see it online).  They assured me the reservation existed and when I asked what the rate was it was $200+ higher than the 2nd reservation!  It was changed to pay later.  When I voiced my displeasure, they said the case was still in pending status so I should be patient.  A month later and nothing has changed, other than I made another reservation through Costco as a backup that was about $50 higher than the original.

The moral of the story is something that should be so simple can get screwed up.  Call and verify everything, including your rate.