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Carry-on size limit


I am traveling with my high school band, and I play the alto saxophone, a fairly large instrument to carry on. I would like to refrain from taking it as a checked bag, as I worry about possible damages, regardless of how careful any loading staff are. I understand the size limitations are 10inx16inx24in, and my case is perfectly fine on two of those dimensions. The problem arises with the length, as my case is just over the 24 inch limit, being around 24.3~4 inches in length. Is this too long, or is there enough wiggle room in the baggage size policy for me to take this case on as a carry-on? Any help is much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance,



Re: Carry-on size limit


If your musical instrument (including case or covering) exceeds the sizing requirements for carryon items (10"x16"x24"), it can be carried onboard if it will fit in an overhead bin or under a seat onboard the aircraft and there is space available when you board the aircraft for the instrument.