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Delayed flight and missed connection

New Arrival

Good morning.


This past weekend we took our daughter back to college, 1200 miles away from home in SAT.  Our plane needed a repair that took 2.5 hours, causing us to miss our connection in STL.  I had to rent a hotel for the night and return to the STL airport the next morning for the next leg of our flight to MSP.

My question is this, does SWA give travel vouchers in the amount of the unscheduled, hotel stay?

The staff at the SAT and STL were very helpful, courteous and did what they could to get us out the next morning asap.  







Re: Delayed flight and missed connection

NicoleAshley Employee

We're so sorry for the frustration, Mark! As a peer to peer forum, we aren't equipped to assist you here, but we encourage you to reach out following the method below. Thanks!


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Re: Delayed flight and missed connection

Rising Star

While no one here can actually do anything to help you, I would say that I find it surprising that Southwest didn't offer to arrange a hotel if the only reason you couldn't get to your destination was a mechanical issue. It's definitely worth reaching out to Southwest to see if they would be willing to offer additional compensation. Good luck!