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Drink Coupons when traveling Business Select

New Arrival

so here is my issue - i fly business select (often early flight). I don't really want to start drinking that early (or show up to work with a buzz) and it seems most flights i've taken recently stopped serving the vitamin water you used to use coupon for. I really wish they would give you drink coupon you could use at a later date. Is this an option I am not aware of?




Re: Drink Coupons when traveling Business Select

Top Contributor

Unfortunately, no. YBS drink coupons are valid only on the day of travel.


A class-action lawsuit was just settled regarding Southwest's original policy of only allowing the drink coupon to be used on that specific flight. Members of the class are now receiving replacement coupons, good anytime through May 1, 2018.


The lawsuit also required Southwest to state the validity period on the coupon, which now prevents a new lawsuit from being actionable.


When I'm checking in at the airport, I often see BS drink coupons laying on or near the no-bag-check kiosks, presumably left behind by BS travelers for others to use. It might be worth checking.