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Error 400620377 (changing booking)

New Arrival

I keep receiving this error, I know there's a few posts related to the same error code, so wondering if Southwest know the cause, because it's very annoying... Of course, the issue happens with a booking that I'm trying to change for a cheaper fare... I tried doing it with another booking where the price was higher and it worked pretty well, so wondering if there's something behind this "error"




Re: Error 400620377 (changing booking)

Rising Star

While I don't have information about the cause of an error, I recently was getting an error when I tried to reprice a fare that had dropped so I used the live chat function in the app and the agent quickly took care of everything in needed. I'd suggest giving that a try if you still want to reprice the reservation or do anything that you does not require payment. In the app, within the main menu you should see chat under the contact us section. It may not be available at all times.