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Fewer "O dark- thirties"

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After a quick breeze through some of the new schedule, it appears that there are fewer flights departing between 5am and 6am.  Hurray for Southwest with more "people hour" flights!


Re: Fewer "O dark- thirties"

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LOL...every time a book a flight that early, I think "what was I thinking" when the alarms goes off that morphs into "this is awesome" when I get to my destination which morphs into "I need a nap, pls...thx" by mid afternoon. Smiley Happy

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Re: Fewer "O dark- thirties"

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Yeah I always say I don't want the 6am flight but for some reason i still end up booking it. Glad it will be slightly harder for me to torture myself with the 5-6am flight since less of them exist for my routes as well 😂. noting worse than getting to bed at midnight to be up at 3am to head to the airport. Come to think of it I did that to myself this morning time to grab some caffeine. 


I don't mind the late flights though mornings just seem more ugh to me. 



Re: Fewer "O dark- thirties"

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Don't know about your airport, but the only time the Love Field security lines are a zoo is around  6 am.  So lots of people apparently take those early flights

Re: Fewer "O dark- thirties"

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My only trip so far this year was a day trip to ATL. I needed that early flight to get there in time, have my meetings, and then get back.


Actually the issue was finding a late enough flight coming back to MDW.


When we go to MCO my wife also is in favor of the earliest option to maximize time with the mouse.


My main criteria is that I want to get to the destination in time to eat lunch - if that means O-dark:30 then so be it.



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Re: Fewer "O dark- thirties"

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When it's winter and I'm skiing, I'm on a 12 days in Colorado and 9 days in Texas regimen - Catching a DAL flight early Monday morning so I can ski on Monday, and 12 days later catching a late flight Friday  out of DEN so I can ski on  Friday . Rinse and repeat all winter...


So I ski 10 out of 12 days (never on weekends and holidays) and then rest for 9 days 


not this year due to back trouble..  oh well....