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Folding Wagon

New Arrival

I am attending a sporting tournament and would like to bring my wagon to cart around equipment.  The wagon, when folded, has a cover.  Can someone tell me if this allowed and if so, how do I check it (as baggage or at the gate like a stroller).

Thanks in advance!


Re: Folding Wagon

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It could potentially be carried on if it is small enough.  Note that you are allowed one carry on item that will fit in the overhead bin and one personal item that will fit under the seat in front of you.  Additional details about size guidelines are available here in the carry on tab of SW Baggage Policies page.  Hopefully you can find the details you need there.


As far as checking it, you can check "bags" for free on SW (subject to weight restrictions), and you folded wagon could count as one of those.  You would check it at the check-in counter just like any other bag.  Hopefully the cover is rather thick and protective; the checked baggage journey can be rough on items like that.


Good luck!

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