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Merging two PNRs

New Arrival

Hey yall!


I'm actually an employee for Southwest so my situtation is a bit unique. 


My compainion and I were planning on going from DAL-ATL-PUJ on 10/4. We orginially planned on non reving the entire route but about a month ago I booked us a revenue tickets on DAL-ATL. Then today I just booked my compainion ATL-PUJ using rapid rewards. My question is it possible to merge those two revenue PNR's into one so my companion is listed DAL-PUJ all togther. I work in an operational positon here I and I know its imporant for revenue passangers to be booked all the way through on the same PNR especially for international listings.


I can give you the PNR's and whatever other infromation you need. 


All the best,


Christopher Lester 




Re: Merging two PNRs

Rising Star

As most of the folks reading and answering questions here are not employees, I would suggest you contact someone in customer service. Usually the folks who answer questions via DM on Twitter are very helpful. Try reaching out to @SouthwestAir on Twitter 

Re: Merging two PNRs

Active Member

I kind of doubt it, from the client side I haven't ever seen an option to combine points and cash for a single booking. The usual recommendation is to buy the extra points so that you could book things straight through in one reservation.


Depending on the relative prices today that might be an option to cancel and re-book all on points.


I'm not sure of the reason for requiring straight through on revenue flights, other than it's a pain to go retrieve checked bags and go through security again, and if the first leg is delayed or cancelled then you'd benefit from having everything in one reservation but I'm interested to hear if there is a reason from TSA or the international security organizations to do it that way.


I think part of that maybe was related to the old ticketing system, but you'd be better able to find out more details about that and let us know if that was the complicating factor...maybe its not an issue now?