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Military Boarding

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Was turned away today between the A and B groups for not being in full uniform. Do y’all not realize, that almost all jobs in the military in all branches strictly prohibit traveling in uniform? Every other airline doesn’t have this stupid rule. I did not like the gate agents smug attitude about it either. I’ll definitely be doing my flying with American from now on. The slight price difference will be worth it. Also will be canceling the southwest CC and switching to American on that as well. 


Re: Military Boarding

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First, thank you for your service.


Unfortunately, yours is a common complaint. And it's unlikely that Southwest will be changing that policy anytime soon. Smiley Sad



Re: Military Boarding

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Probably one of the main reasons the military travel office uses American for its commercial flight contract. It changes companies every now and then, but I only remember it being Southwest very briefly a long time ago. 

I don’t like how they boast how they’re “honoring” the military, and military this and military that, but only if your in full uniform. Not cool at all. 

Re: Military Boarding

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Government travel (military and civilian) is contracted with various airlines and is different for each route. It's not based on policies like this.


As was mentioned, yours is a common complaint and should be voiced directly to Southwest. This is primarily a customer to customer forum.



Re: Military Boarding

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This happened to me today too for the first time with Southwest and I was so disappointed. As you said, the worst part is the smugness of the gate attendant. 

Re: Military Boarding

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This literally just happened to me. One lady told me to have my ID ready, for up to the lady to scan my pass and she turned me away. I agree, will not be flying southwest anymore. I feel like a dumby and yes, the smugness was terrible. Shaking my head at Southwest for this. Never again. 


Re: Military Boarding

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We're sincerely sorry for letting you down. As a peer-to-peer support forum, we are not equipped to assist you here; however, we encourage you to reach out via the options in the link below.


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