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Mom Headed in the total opposite direction

New Arrival

I purchased my mother a ticket to fly from ATL to BWI non-stop only for her to be told upon arrival that she had to flry from ATL to TPA then to BWI.  This is not what I paid for nor was she alerted of the change before getting to the airport.  Now my 78 year old mother is in the back of a freaking plane headed to Tampa then to BWI when she was "A" section when I checked her in yesterday on her original flight.  GET IT TOGETHER SOUTHWEST!  


Re: Mom Headed in the total opposite direction

Rising Star

Sounds like your mother's original flight was cancelled. Every airline cancels flights almost every day, and then put  the passengers from the cancelled flights on the next available flights.


Your mother should have received notice of the cancellation via whatever method you selected when you bought the ticket: phone, txt, e-mail.


When this happens, the traveller has the ability to tell the airline "I don't want the new flight"

give me a different option. I guess   your mother did not know this.


To compensate for her discomfort, a complaint to customer service might yield a voucher which she could use for future travel.


Sorry to hear that your mom ran into this situation.



Re: Mom Headed in the total opposite direction

New Arrival

Yes I agree, they do cancel and what you stated is correct, she should have been notified and given the option to accept or deny the change but unfortunately she was not notified and or given the option which was my complaint.  She arrived safelly and Southwest has used her a luv voucher and resolved the issue so all is well.