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Re: Permission to access your site denied

New Arrival

I have had this problem before. I did notice that when I was using Google Chrome, it would tell me "access denied;" however, I switched and searched with Internet Explorer and had no issues with the Southwest site. Hopefully, this helps someone else.


Re: Permission to access your site denied

MarkHursh Employee

Hi There,


Sorry for any trouble.  A bit more brackground on this topic.  We recently removed country blocks from when we upgraded some of our security tools.  Your physical and virtual safety is our top concern and we have additional security mechanisms in place.  That can result in an Access Denied message in some cases.


If you see that message please let us know by Direct Messaging us on Twitter with your IP Address and a screenshot of the error including the long error code  Please include your browser version.  That way our security team can research what may be the cause of the error.


Re: Permission to access your site denied

New Arrival

I don't use twitter and will not create an account.  How else can we collaborate to resolve this continued issue?


Re: Permission to access your site denied

Rising Star



You can reach out to customer relations at 855-234-4654 (Monday-Friday) 


You could also send an email by clicking on the "contact us"  link at the bottom of this page and someone will respond as soon as possible. 


Hope this helps