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Receipt for Cancelled Flight

New Arrival

Hi everyone. I was wondering if there was a way to get a receipt for a flight that was cancelled. This flight was refunded back to the credit card it was purchased with. I need this for a expense report for my job but can't find it amywhere in my past emails.


Since this is a one-off, will I need to call Southwest to have this sent to me? Thanks.


Re: Receipt for Cancelled Flight

Top Contributor

The receipt at the time of purchase should have been sent to an email associated with the purchase?


I would have expected a similar email when the flight was cancelled to the same address.


If none of these are available to you, I would call, and have the credit card information available for the operator.


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Re: Receipt for Cancelled Flight

New Arrival

Yeah, that's where I messed up. I should've saved it right when I got it. I must've deleted those emails because I went through all of my emails in my inbox and the deleted ones but still couldn't find them. I'll give them a call to retrieve it.