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Refund- non refundable ticket

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Hello! To start off, I want to say that overall I like traveling with Southwest however, I have only one discrepancy and that is, the only flight type that isn't approved to receive a refund if needed is the "Wanna Get Away" package which I feel that all travel types should be granted a refund if one needs to do so. The reason being is because unfortunate circumstances in life happens which there are times people need their money back. The reason why I feel so passionate about my opinion is because not only have I elaborated with others in regards to this situation who agree but I recently had to cancel my trip due to a death in my family however, due to the fact that I wasn't allowed to receive a refund was an inconvenience because I actually needed my money back. As a word of advice, I believe that this policy should be changed as all the flight types should be granted a refund because life happens to people which is beyond their control. 


Re: Refund- non refundable ticket

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I'm sorry to read about the death in your family Smiley Sad


As another Southwest customer I'd just note that Southwest probably has the most customer friendly policy of domestic airlines in that they allow you to make changes without charging a change fee (you just pay difference in the air fare).  You'll be able to book another flight and apply that fare to the new flight so long as you complete the travel within one year of your oringal purchase date.


I would not want to see them implement your proposal as it would push up fares for everyone.

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Re: Refund- non refundable ticket

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The airline sells two distinct fares:


NON REFUBDABLE (better known as Wanna Get Away)


REFUNDABLE (better known as Anytime or Business Select


The rules for each are published. Anyone that wants the "insurance" of refundability should buy a refundable fare. Others retain the full value of their purchases in the form of travel funds that may be used by the original ticket holder for flights up to a year from the date the tickets were purchased.