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Several expired travel funds into one voucher

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I have 7 unused and expired travel funds that expired in September. One of them is about $280. Three of them are around $40 - $60. The rest 3 are less than $10 each. I contacted customer service to convert them to travel voucher. The representative was able to convert for $100 fee, but she could only convert the $280 since it is the only one above $100. She could not do the others because she considered them separate funds and each fund requires $100 fee, so it didn't make sense to convert the rest that was less than $100. 


It was a little frastrating because the total of the ones less than $100 is about $200. It is a lot of money. I would even pay another fee for them. 


I am wondering if there is any chance of merging them into one voucher?




Re: Several expired travel funds into one voucher

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Didn't you post this quesion earlier? Unfortuntely, the answer is the same as it was the first time you asked the question.


Sorry, but travel funds are not combineable in order to get a larger vouvher. Each can be turned into a voucher with each incurring a $100 fee for the process. Sorry, but that's the best you'll do.


As you were told in response to your other post, (before expiration of the travel funds) you could have combined them to purchase a ticket and then cancelled that ticket resulting in a travel fund

larger than the indiviual travel funds would have been.



Re: Several expired travel funds into one voucher

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@dfwskier wrote:

Didn't you post this quesion earlier?


FYI: There's something odd going on with the forum -- I only see this question under "General Travel Policies" but I can click the link you posted and see the other one.

Re: Several expired travel funds into one voucher

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@chgoflyer The duplicate post is about 3/4 of the way down the first page of the General Discussions topic board.


@Dongminator, you might not have seen the responses to your original post, but it does look like you received accurate information on both posts. Please help us keep the forums uncluttered by avoiding duplicate posts!